Congress set to restore Pell grants for prisoners

The Federal Docket

December 21, 2020

As reported in Politico, the recent COVID-19 relief and government funding bill in Congress would reinstate Pell grants to students serving time in prison. Prisoners have been ineligible for the Pell grant since the 1994 crime bill prohibited prisoners from having access to public funding for their education, with the exception of a small group under a pilot program.

Additionally, it appears that the bill would repeal an older law that made it harder for college students to qualify for federal financial aid if they had been convicted of a drug crime.

Tom Church - Tom is a trial and appellate lawyer focusing on criminal defense and civil trials. Tom is the author of "The Federal Docket" and is a contributor to Mercer Law Review's Annual Survey in the areas of federal sentencing guidelines and criminal law. Tom graduated with honors from the University of Georgia Law School where he served as a research assistant to the faculty in the areas of constitutional law and civil rights litigation. Read Tom's reviews on AVVO. Follow Tom on Linkedin.

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