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Feds and Georgia Announce Cyber Fraud Task Force Aimed at “BEC Fraud”

The DOJ has announced a state-federal “Cyber Fraud Task Force” targeting suspected “BEC” fraud (Business Email Compromise) in metro Atlanta. Statistics reflect a significant increase in BEC fraud over the years, and the DOJ reports that the metro Atlanta area is one of the top 5 clusters for BEC fraud cases in the country, suggesting there will be a significant increase in BEC fraud prosecutions there.

Criminal Charges Brought Against Former Governor and Others In Connection to Flint Water Crisis

Michigan’s Attorney General recently announced that eight former state officials, including former Governor Rick Snyder, have been charged with several crimes in connection with the Flint Water Crisis. While Snyder has only been charged with misdemeanors for willful neglect of duty, other officials have been charged with more serious crimes, including perjury, obstruction, extortion, and involuntary manslaughter.

Federal Prosecutors Now Explicitly Tying Trump’s Speech to Capitol Riots in Insurrection Cases

As reflected in documents filed by federal prosecutors in criminal cases against Capitol Hill rioters, the DOJ has begun to explicitly recognize and cite the connection between Trump’s speech and the violent actions by his supporters. Previously, federal prosecutors seemed to avoid drawing the connection, though defendants were quick to claim they were acting pursuant to the orders of the then-sitting U.S. president.

Senators Considering Legislation to Expand Eligibility for Compassionate Release

Senators from both parties have teamed up to try to get the COVID-19 Safer Detention Act of 2021 passed through Congress after the bill failed last year. The bill would expand the number of inmates eligible for early release to home confinement due to COVID-19 risks and also lower the “amount of time served” requirement under the Elderly Home Detention Pilot Program.

Democrats’ Judicial Agenda Includes Nominating Civil Rights Lawyers and Public Defenders as Federal Judges, Streamlining Confirmations, and More

President Biden and Senate Democrats are planning an aggressive approach to filling up judicial vacancies, including nominating more civil rights lawyers and public defenders, forming a commission to consider “structural changes” to the judiciary, and removing procedural tools like the “blue slip” to facilitate quicker judicial confirmations.

DOJ Ends Trump Administration’s Policy of Seeking the Harshest Charges, Sentences

The Department of Justice has issued a memo to federal prosecutors reversing the Trump DOJ’s policy directing prosecutors to seek the harshest charges and sentences possible under the law. Until a long-term policy is implemented, the DOJ is reverting to an Obama-era policy requiring prosecutors to treat charging decisions and sentencing positions as part of an “individualized assessment.”

What kinds of criminal charges can be brought against the Capitol Hill Rioters?

As the Government continues to identify suspects from the January 6 “Capitol Hill Riots,” we are starting to see what kinds of criminal charges are in play. While treason and advocating the overthrow of Government are not likely to appear in any indictments, rioters at the Capitol have significant exposure to charges like sedition, rebellion or insurrection, and felony trespassing on restricted buildings or grounds.

COVID-19 Relief Bill Contains “Protecting Lawful Streaming Act” Criminalizing Illegal Streaming

The most recent COVID-19 relief bill contained a new criminal law called the “Protecting Lawful Streaming Act.” The new law makes it a felony to host streams of copyrighted works without permission, punishable by up to 10 years in prison. While politicians have stressed that the law is only aimed at “commercial, for profit piracy services,” the text of the law is much broader, and would allow prosecutions of individuals and could be applied against those making “fair use” of copyrighted material.

Biden’s Pick for HHS Signals Aggressive Approach to Prosecuting Healthcare Fraud During COVID-19 Pandemic

President Biden has nominated Xavier Becerra, California’s Attorney General, to lead the Health and Human Services Department. Based on his experience as a prosecutor and the substantial stimulus money paid out to healthcare providers during COVID-19, legal observers are predicting an aggressive new approach in healthcare fraud enforcement by the government.

DOJ Memo to BOP: Inmates on home confinement must return to prison after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier this month, the DOJ instructed the BOP that inmates currently on home confinement under the CARES Act will have to report back to prison once the COVID-19 emergency is over. The DOJ’s memo was issued by the Trump administration, and neither President Biden nor his nominee for Attorney General, Merrick Garland, have stated whether they will reverse that decision or require inmates on home confinement to go back to prison.

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