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Feds and Georgia Announce Cyber Fraud Task Force Aimed at “BEC Fraud”

The DOJ has announced a state-federal “Cyber Fraud Task Force” targeting suspected “BEC” fraud (Business Email Compromise) in metro Atlanta. Statistics reflect a significant increase in BEC fraud over the years, and the DOJ reports that the metro Atlanta area is one of the top 5 clusters for BEC fraud cases in the country, suggesting there will be a significant increase in BEC fraud prosecutions there.

Criminal Charges Brought Against Former Governor and Others In Connection to Flint Water Crisis

Michigan’s Attorney General recently announced that eight former state officials, including former Governor Rick Snyder, have been charged with several crimes in connection with the Flint Water Crisis. While Snyder has only been charged with misdemeanors for willful neglect of duty, other officials have been charged with more serious crimes, including perjury, obstruction, extortion, and involuntary manslaughter.

Federal Prosecutors Now Explicitly Tying Trump’s Speech to Capitol Riots in Insurrection Cases

As reflected in documents filed by federal prosecutors in criminal cases against Capitol Hill rioters, the DOJ has begun to explicitly recognize and cite the connection between Trump’s speech and the violent actions by his supporters. Previously, federal prosecutors seemed to avoid drawing the connection, though defendants were quick to claim they were acting pursuant to the orders of the then-sitting U.S. president.

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